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PipePatrol Tightness Monitoring

Pipeline Management Solution

Regulations require that the best efforts are made to detect the smallest leak volumes possible. Such small or gradual leaks are often not covered by standard systems, as pressure and temperature changes along the pipeline can mask small losses. The detection solutions possible are normally time and cost intensive.

PipePatrol Tightness Monitoring is a method for the detection of gradual leaks using standard pressure and temperature instrumentation. This solution completely fulfils the requirements of TRFL 2017 and VdTÜV Bulletin 1051. It automatically creates a report according to these regulations and has been validated by independent 3rd party authorities.

PipePatrol Tightness Monitoring avoids the classical pressure tests where the pipeline has to be filled with water, as it works with the actual gas or liquid in the pipeline, avoiding any negative effects on normal pipeline operation. The PipePatrol data can be exported for further analysis.

Principle of tightness monitoring

Principle of tightness monitoring


Fulfils German requirement TRFL 2017 and VdTÜV Bulletin 1051

Continuous and automatic reporting according to regulatory requirements

Export of data for further analysis tools

Easy retro-fit through variable interface (OPC-Server)

Approved by independent 3rd party authority