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PipePatrol Line Break Detection

Pipeline Management Solutions

Pipeline ruptures can result in dramatic consequences, endangering public safety and the environment. It is critical that fast acting rupture detection, response systems and procedures are designed, structured, and executed effectively. This is especially true for high consequence areas (HCA), where populated areas, ecological resources or water sources are in danger. To minimize the environmental effect the line break detection systems have to be reliable and fast acting.

PipePatrol Line Break Detection is a dedicated system to efficiently detect pipeline ruptures instantly, raise an alarm and initiate emergency pipeline shutdown procedures. The system consists of a local PLC with Rupture Pattern Recognition installed, plus two pressure transmitters to act as the pipeline rupture detection sensors. The PipePatrol system includes a self-learning feature for easy commissioning and tuning to the local pipeline operational conditions. Configuration can be done via a local display, or remotely. Complying with API 1175 & API – Association of Oil Pipelines (AOPL) Liquid Pipeline Rupture Recognition and Response.

Power supplies with maximum functionality Powerful and reliable
  • Preventive function monitoring indicates critical operating states before errors occur
  • SFB technology trips standard circuit breakers selectively, loads that are connected in parallel continue working
  • Robust design thanks to metal housing and wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C
  • Worldwide use thanks to the wide range input and international approval package
The block-based I/O system Fast, robust, easy
  • Increased machine output, thanks to particularly fast and synchronous signal acquisition
  • Particularly robust mechanics, shock and vibration resistance withstand even the most adverse conditions and increase system availability
  • Installation time is reduced, thanks to fast wiring and easy handling
PLCs in accordance with IEC 61131 More functions, more options
  • Communicative, thanks to integrated, freely programmable web server and a large variety of interfaces and protocols
  • Integrated technology functions such as fast counters, incremental encoder inputs, and event tasks
  • 3 Ethernet interfaces for the additional connection of distributed I/Os via PROFINET, Modbus TCP or TCP/IP
  • Numerous protocols supported such as: http, https, FTP, SNTP, SNMP, SMTP, SQL, MySQL, DCP, etc.
OPTIBAR PC 5060 Pressure transmitter for advanced process pressure applications
  • Robust design, with corrosion and abrasion resistant ceramic diaphragm
  • 25 mbar…100 bar / 0.73…1450 psi; max. +150°C / +302°F
  • 2-wire, 4…20 mA, HART®, FF, Profibus-PA
  • Modular design: converter platform for all applications
  • Electronic differential pressure measurement
  • Highest overload and vacuum resistance
Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDV) Reliable on/off valves for safety-instrumented function (SIF)
  • High reliability of valve components – API 6A/API 6D design
  • Meets systematic safety integrity SIL 3 requirements
  • Valve sizing and automation meet safety and stroking time requirements
  • Diagnostic capabilities with status feedback
1 Line Break Detection – Simulation Video
2 Control Cabinet
4 Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDV)

Line break detection in a high consequence area (HCA)

Line break detection in a high consequence area (HCA)

Line break detection in a high consequence area (HCA)


Pipeline Rupture Pattern Recognition system for automatic emergency shutdown 

Self-learning feature eases commissioning work on site

Can be autonomous or integrated into a complete leak detection system

Configuration via local display or by remote access

Fail-safe system version available


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