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PipePatrol Stress Monitoring

Pipeline Management Solution

Pipelines are constantly working under mechanical stress during normal operations and load cycles. External influences, such as temperature extremes, mechanical shock or vibrations, can increase the local line pressure. Any design pressure violation can have a major effect on the pipeline lifetime. Modern regulations often now require operators to document and evaluate these effects – in the past this was a manual process relying on the operator’s personnel.

This PipePatrol module performs stress monitoring of the pipeline without human interaction and hence provides the base data for an assessment of the remaining pipeline service life. The software monitors the pressure measurements at sensor points along the pipeline and compares them with the pressure levels according to DIN 45667 and in line with regulation TRFL 2017. These results contribute predictive maintenance planning, to ensure the next necessary integrity check is done before critical conditions occur.


Provides the base data for the assessment of pipeline ageing to calculate the remaining service life

Monitors design pressure violations and load cycles at each measurement point

Records pressure cycles to plan for the next integrity check

Pressure cycles are counted according to industry standard DIN 45667