Pipeline Leak Detection

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PipePatrol Leak Detection

Pipeline Management Solution

Older oil pipeline leak detection systems were based on flow balancing, measuring at each inlet and outlet: basic statistics helped determine the probability of a leak. This approach is adequate under very stable pipeline flows. Unfortunately, leaks often occur when operational changes – producing transient conditions – create local pressure and flow changes. KROHNE developed the PipePatrol system for reliable leak detection, even in transient conditions.

PipePatrol Leak Detection combines Extended Real Time Transient Modelling (E-RTTM) with a patented Leak Pattern Recognition module. The PipePatrol E-RTTM uses multi-method leak detection: this combines several methods to offer oil or gas pipeline management in steady state and transient pipeline conditions. The system meets the relevant national regulations (eg the German TRFL), and complies with international industry standards – for example the API 1175 on pipeline leak detection program management, API 1130 for computational pipeline monitoring, AB 864 and the CSA Z662.

KROHNE PipePatrol systems can be retrofitted onto existing pipelines as an upgrade to the system management, using existing instrumentation. KROHNE also supplies complete project packages, including flow and other instrumentation, complete with remote data communications.

Principle of extended real-time transient model (E-RTTM)

Principle of extended real-time transient model (E-RTTM)


Pipeline leak detection system for liquids or gases

E-RTTM (Extended Real Time Transient Model) based leak detection and localisation

Meets API 1130, API 1175, AB 864, German TRFL standards and CSA Z662

System is either independent, or can be integrated with existing systems

30 seconds to detect a leak on a 31 km pipeline with ± 0.6 % location accuracy

30 seconds to detect a leak on a 31 km pipeline with ± 0.6 % location accuracy

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350 Installations

400 Installations

With over 35 years of experience, PipePatrol has been successfully implemented on more than 400 gas and liquid pipelines throughout the world.

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